About – Schwadevivre

An elderly gentleman from Cornwall …

No let’s make that more accurate, an elderly man who loathes thoughtlessness and bigotry. A man who now has time to find out the facts behind both the old and new myths that swirl through the internet. A man who tries to help. Mostly I try to be polite but there are times when politeness will not serve.

I am in love with my partner, my language and the County. There is joy in both the new and the old. Puns are great – as I am sure can be told from my screen name


2 thoughts on “About – Schwadevivre

  1. snrubgorp

    You’re not even American so that makes your trolling triply pathetic. Your non-country is barely bigger than Rhode Island. Go worry about pathetically trying to overthrow Corbyn you rank nonce.

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    1. schwadevivre Post author

      Well … perhaps because the entirety of US law is founded on English Common Law, perhaps because we share a world, perhaps because I have many US friends. Perhaps because the Great Britain has so often provided legitimacy for US war crimes …

      The list is pretty long

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